Lorena Spindler (◍•ᴗ•◍) is an hybrid artist from Brussels. She conceptualizes artistic proposals in the form of staging, choreography, clip/video and text. During her theater studies at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, she was part of the Chapter One collective (L0S1 - Zinnema, 2015). Alongside her writing studies at INSAS, in 2018 she directed Softness 1 at C12, a nightclub in Brussels. In 2019, she directed Softness 2. These are two forms that invite 3 performers through freestyle, physical theater, improvised speech, song and rap. In Softness 1 and 2, she examines what competitiveness as a mode of existence has created in our bodies and in our relationships. She then immersed herself in choreography and dance as an autodidact and via the dance and choreographic practices course at Charleroi Danse.

Her transdisciplinary work focuses on the misappropriation of materials from pop and mainstream culture. By working within codes, tools and fictional or real spaces, she transforms them into experimental protocols. In "free dance escape" she invites 6 dancers to take part in a TikTok challenge to find out what would be a "deep connection" between people.

Her work has been supported by Bamp, le Bocal, Charleroi danse, l'Escaut Architectures, Mestizo Art Platform, Ravie, Iles asbl, AMA France Morin among others.

endouce is the hybrid art company founded by Lorena Spindler. Interested in transforming the ordinary, the disappointing and even the brutal of today, and in places unsuitable for performance (arriving at 8:00 a.m. to rehearse on the floor of a nightclub the day after a party for 15,000 people), endouce dares to confess a childish desire to sneak in where it's not meant to. Clearing a path with those who want to express themselves with softness in a chaotic world, endouce likes to retransform reality by bringing together today's artists from different disciplines: hip-hop dancers, rappers, Conservatory actors, DJs, classically trained dancers and others.

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