Softness 2

Softness 2

The second opus created at C12, Softness 2 attempts to paint a portrait of a generation torn apart in a climate that renders violence latent and invisible.

Between the disenchantment inherited from the philosophies of humanity's collapse and the hope of a radiant personal future in uninhibited capitalism, everything is nothing but shock and violence. Taking "competitiveness" as the driving force of an ultra-individualized urban society, Softness 2 examines the sensations, emotions and reflexes born of this pressure. Through this generation, embodied by four performers and a live DJ, Lorena Spindler examines the inevitability of rivalry and the need to surpass oneself, both individually and as part of a group. Starting from a symbolic and extreme situation, a nightclub ravaged by violence, the C12 space is transformed into an arena. To the bewitching hip-hop, club and UK/West Indies music of Jeune Clyde (LDC label), the three protagonists confront each other using their own codes: physical theater, dance and the spoken word.

CreationLorena Spindler Interpretation and creation Naim Belhaloumi, Antonin Compère, Mélissa Diarra Dj John Clyde aka NDUNGU Lighting desing Cyriel Lucas Stylism VD3000 Scénography Louise Vandevorst, Serigraphy Louise Vandevorst, Aliocha Tazi, Maverick le Deuff, Swan Jouan Coaching rap Youn Tawbari

Video Robin Knudsen, Théo Fernandez

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